How To Make a Miniature Underwater World With Aqua Bonsai

Today I will discuss an interesting bonsai growing technique called Aqua bonsai. Have you ever tried to raise a Bonsai tree in your own home? It is not an easy task. You need to give the plant lots of water and special care daily.

It also needs some special potting mix, and it should be changed quite frequently. Additionally, it has to be placed in a location where it receives indirect sunlight.

If you have a fish tank in your home, then you can grow an Aqua Bonsai that requires less effort and commitment.

These miniature underwater worlds are a great way to bring peace and serenity into your life. If you are interested in creating one for yourself, this guide will help you do that easily.

Can Bonsai Trees Live Underwater:

It is theoretically possible to grow underwater bonsai trees, or at least bonsai trees with their roots submerged in water rather than soil. 

The practice of growing an underwater bonsai tree is called “Aqua Bonsai”, and it has been there for many years.

What is Aqua Bonsai:

Aqua Bonsai is the latest trend in aquariums. It is an old concept but has become very popular in recent years.

Aqua Bonsai creates a miniature underwater ecosystem with aquatic plants, seaweeds, and fish that will survive together in this controlled environment.

There are many advantages to Aqua Bonsai. Aqua Bonsai offers a greater variety of plants, fish, and other invertebrates than a regular aquarium or terrarium.

The Benefits of Aqua Bonsai:

Miniature Bonsai trees can be grown in water, which is sometimes called Aqua Bonsai. These trees are very easy to care for and make a great addition to any home or office environment.

There are many benefits of Aqua Bonsai trees:

1. As the bonsai grows in water, you don’t need to take care of soil-related problems.

2. It takes less time to grow a miniature tree in an aqua bonsai system than it does to grow a full-sized tree.

3. You can easily take your tree with you if you move and have no access to a garden.

4. The growth rate of a bonsai in aquatic conditions is much more accelerated than that of a regular bonsai tree.

5. The tree will require less maintenance because its roots are not exposed to the outside world.

How An Aqua Bonsai System Works:

Usually, a bonsai tree is placed on top of the water in its pot, with only the roots exposed. Water is pumped into the bottom of the pot through a hole. It is filled with rocks or heavy material so that it can’t move away.

This allows for easier watering as well as allowing excess water to drain out of the pot.

To keep underwater bonsai trees healthy and thriving, you need supplies like fish tank air pumps, plastic tubing, air stones, and even small fish. They will keep the water clean and flowing so that your underwater bonsai tree can thrive.

The Equipment Needed In The Aqua Bonsai Procedure:

Here are some of the things that you will need to start an aqua bonsai culture:

Vase or container with drainage holes (preferably made of glass)

Rock wool cubes or other growing mediums that can be wet and will hold air.

Pebbles or small stones for drainage

Aquarium gravel which will act as a filter(can be obtained at any pet store)

Rocks that are safe for aquarium use (or you can use plastic replicas)

Decorations such as flowers and figurines (these should be non-toxic so they don’t leach into the water)

Is Aqua Bonsai A True Bonsai Tree?

Aqua Bonsai is really a kind of Bonsai tree. Like other Bonsai trees, Aqua Bonsai trees can be reproduced by clipping. 

But unlike other Bonsai trees, Aqua Bonsai trees do not need to be planted in the ground. It is truly good for those who have limited space and live in an apartment.

The best part is that you can create your own miniature underwater world with this Bonsai tree. You can plant tiny aquatic creatures like hydras, shrimp, and snails, to make it more realistic. 

In fact, it’s not just limited to aquatic creatures. You can place some flowers and plants in the water and grow them together with the Bonsai tree!

How to Get Started in Miniature Underwater World

Step 1: Select Your Tree(s) – Style, Size, And Shape

The first step to getting started in the Miniature Underwater World is to select a tree. The most important aspects to consider when selecting your tree are the style, size, and shape of the tree.

Bonsai trees can be expensive, so make your decisions final before you start off on this project.

Step 2: Waterlog Or Attach To Rocks

Waterlogged trees can be kept in an aquarium without any need for soil or normal fertilization. They can’t be kept without light, as they are not submerged indefinitely.

Your bonsai tree will need to be removed from its waterlogged set up and allowed to dry out on a regular basis. This will provide the opportunity to inspect it, care for it and repot it in fresh soil.

Step 3: What Plant Is Best For Your Aquarium Tree?

Although the process of creating an aqua bonsai is similar to creating a regular bonsai, certain species work best in the aqua bonsai method.

Some species naturally perform better with the aqua bonsai techniques such as Ginkgo, Pine, Maples, and Wax varieties.

Step 4: Place Your Trees In Aquarium

Now, place the tree in the aquarium. for an established aquarium with fish in it use a few rocks to stabilize the bonsai tree. Sit back and enjoy your miniature underwater world.

What To Feed Your Trees?

Terrarium plants and aqua bonsai trees can be grown without any use of fertilizer. The basic elements that they need such as carbon dioxide and light, are provided by the water that they live in. 

But if you want to add some extra nutrients to them, there are fertilizers available that can be used.

The most common type of fertilizer that is used is fish emulsion fertilizer. This works well with all types of aquatic plants and terrestrial plants if you have a soil-based substrate instead of gravel or sand. 

Another option is seaweed extract which will also work with both types of plants.

Some Useful Tips To Make Your Underwater World Hassle-Free:

Here are some useful tips that we help you in the long run of creating an aqua bonsai culture.

Purchase An Appropriate Aquarium For The Aqua Bonsai Tree:

The ideal aquarium for the Aqua Bonsai tree should be compact in size but allow for proper plant growth. It also needs to be transparent so that you can observe your plant’s growth easily.

Choose The Right Location For Your Aqua Bonsai Tree:

A place with bright light is suitable for your mini-tree. If it doesn’t get enough light, it will not be able to grow properly. Place the aquarium where there is direct sunlight or place it near a window facing south or southeast.

Replace Water Regularly:

Keep checking the water level in your tank regularly and replace it whenever it becomes low. It should have at least 2-3 inches of water at all times to prevent root damage and allow oxygen supply to the roots.


Aqua Bonsai is an interesting concept and something you can definitely try at home without a lot of difficulties. After all, it’s only a step away from normal bonsai but it adds to the challenge and fun by throwing in the water!

I hope you learned something new from this post. If you like the information, don’t forget to share it with others.