Chinese Elm Species Guide: Identify & Care Tips

Chinese elm trees are a popular choice among gardeners for their unique characteristics and beautiful appearance. With a variety of species and distinct features, these trees can add visual appeal to any garden landscape. This comprehensive guide will explore the diverse world of Chinese elm species, so you can identify different varieties and provide valuable … Read more

Is Cactus Soil Good For Growing Bonsai

Cactus Soil Good For Growing Bonsai

Soil is an essential ingredient in the world of bonsai. Without soil, the bonsai tree can’t survive under the right conditions and will end up dying. The type of soil you use to grow bonsai is really important as it can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful attempt. Bonsai trees grow in small … Read more

How To Make The Best Bonsai Soil For Your Tree

How To Make bonsai soil

Like any plant, bonsai need soil to anchor the roots and provide plants with nutrients. But bonsai soil is a little different from potting soil and garden soil. Bonsai trees have specialized needs, and the soil you use should reflect these needs. Many of these requirements are based on the fact that bonsai are often … Read more

How To Grow and Take Care of A Lemon Bonsai Tree

lemon bonsai tree care

Lemon trees make great bonsai because they have small leaves and attractive oval-shaped fruit. You can bonsai lemon trees indoors or outdoors, depending on your climate and personal preference. If you love the smell of lemons, but don’t have the space for a full-size tree, try growing a lemon bonsai tree. Bonsai is an ornamental … Read more

How To Save An Overwatered Bonsai

save overwatered bonsai

So you have been watering your bonsai for a while now and you feel like you have this watering thing down, but the tree still does not look healthy. In fact, it looks worse than when you first got it. What is going on? Well, you are probably overwatering your bonsai. Overwatering is a very … Read more