Why Bonsai Trees Are So Expensive?

Why bonsai trees are so expensive

A bonsai is not just a small plant in the pot, it is a reflection of the care, dedication, knowledge and artistic skills it was exposed to. Most of the time, to a bonsai buyer these remain invisible to the eyes. There are two ways to make a bonsai: Naturally collected bonsai trees Nursery grown … Read more

Is Bonsai Cruel? 6 Major Arguments Against Bonsai

is bonsai cruel

Many people believe that growing bonsai is cruel without knowing much about the process. Growing Bonsai is far from cruel, the plants are getting more attention and tender care than a normally grown tree. The amount of care, vigilance, and patience you have to show to grow a bonsai is unlike any other form of … Read more

Are Bonsai Trees Poisonous To Cats?

are bonsai trees poisonous to cats

If you are a cat owner you will agree with me that cats like to chew weird things. Unfortunately, this might also add your favorite bonsai plant. Bonsai resembles art, peace and spirituality and nothing is associated with violence. But not all bonsai plants are safe for you to have in your house especially if … Read more